Is your business or organization properly prepared for an emergency or threat?

When seconds count, BE READY with the ASR Threat Alert System.

Mass Shooting Incidents in the US (2018)*
Deaths Caused By Mass Shootings in the US (2018)*

How Do The ASR Systems Work?

Threat - Medical - Remote

1. Emergency Presented.

An emergency or threat presents itself in your business or establishment. Immediate action is needed to tend to the situation at hand as the clock is ticking.

3. Immediate Text & Email Notification Alerts

Upon initiation, all employees within the organization, as well as local law enforcement will receive immediate alert via text and email notifications. This alert will let responders know the exact location where the system was activated. ASR system Cameras are activated and sends images within the organization to first responders.

2. System Is Activated

The ASR Alert System is activated via one of the activation points or remote system lanyards. Sirens and strobes are initiated to alert employees, and to disorient a potential active shooter. 

4. Quick Response

The nearest police and first responders will be able to move quickly to neutralize the threat or tend to the emergency at hand. In many of these situations, the nearest police officer is close by patrolling the area. With the ASR Threat Alert System minutes are saved by notifying these responders and providing them the actual address and location of the building thus saving lives.

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ASR Alert Systems is a state of the art security technology specializing in the field of alert notifications to Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of a crisis. Our team of professionals has diverse experience in Security, Law Enforcement and Special Operations Military. ASR has melded these capabilities for use in both the public and private sectors.