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ASR offers three different alert systems that can help protect your business or organization during a threat or medical emergency.


The Threat Alert System (TAS) is a patent pending alert notification system designed to immediately notify law enforcement, first responders.


The Medical Alert System (MAS) is a patent pending alert notification system designed to immediately notify emergency services personnel and medical first responders in the event of a medical emergency.


The Remote Alert System(RAS) is a patent pending alert notification system designed to immediately notify any individual and/or end user the client designates.

Additional Services

In an uncertain and often dangerous world, knowledge and preparedness separate the survivors from the victims. That’s why ASR provides seminars and assessments tailored for your business to ensure you’re prepared and protected if a threat were to present itself. 

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Seminars

ASR personnel can provide the necessary response training, which will give your members the advantage to survive such an event. Adding the ASR security system along with our training will enhance you and your personnel to react at a higher level to an Active Shooter/Workplace Violence incident.

- Case Studies & weapons recognition
- Police response & Tabletop Security Exercises
- Teamwork and planning / Medical and Triage
- Element’s of Survival & Personal Security Awareness
- Post Active Shooter: What do you do to Recover

Vulnerability & Threat Assessments

ASR also conducts Threat Assessments and Vulnerability Assessments as part of the overall security package to better improve the protection for an individual or company.

- Determine weak spots in existing security systems
- Written recommendations for alarms, locks, lighting, etc.
- Evacuation Guides / Red Team your Facility
- Road map for Vulnerability Assessments
- Determine vulnerabilities in existing security systems
- Determine Threat to individuals or companies
- Used in conjunction with Vulnerability Assessments
- Determine new security measures to implement

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About Us

ASR Alert Systems is a state of the art technology specializing in the field of alert notifications to Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of a crisis. Our team of professionals has diverse experience in Security, Law Enforcement and Special Operations Military. ASR has melded these capabilities for use in both the public and private sectors.